The Midwest Jewish Camp Group was created 35 years ago with the goal of bringing together the Chicago-based residential Jewish summer camps to grow, learn and provide the best Jewish Camping experiences possible.  The group has matured over the years into a strong, supportive cohort that shares best practices and provides a safe space to create a rich community of practice.  The group has provided a platform to successfully work collaboratively both locally with funders and The JUF, as well as nationally with The Foundation for Jewish Camp and JCAMP180.  


Impact Statement

Jewish children (of all levels of affiliation) in the Midwest develop life skills, find community, grow and create meaningful connections to their Jewish identity.

Mission Statement

The MJCD creates an intentional space for “Chicago-based” NFP Jewish residential camps to grow, thrive and succeed in order to deepen the connection of affiliated Jewish children and engage/activate under-affiliated Jewish children.

MWJC Vision

Our vision is to:

·        Enable members to be the premier camp destinations for Jewish campers, families, funders, professionals and lay leaders in the Chicago area and the Midwest.

·       Push routine excellence in its members in the core areas of child care, programming, Judiacs, customer service, operations, fundraising and governance through benchmarking and promulgating best practices.

·       Transform the existing cohort of Chicago-land Jewish residential summer camps into a highly successful, sustainable, impactful group.  This will be accomplished through multi-year strategic plan including leadership, governance, decision making frameworks and shared goals.

·       Create an association that unites the Chicago Area Jewish summer camps, with the goals of creating meaningful cohorts, sharing best practices, setting the aspirational bar for excellence in the field of Jewish camping and helping our members continuously improve. 

·       Engage the cohort in creating a strategic storytelling message that allows for the the group to impact the community at large, while at the same time addressing the opportunities and challenges that exist in Jewish communal engagement.

·       Give a strong, unified voice to the MWJC camps and assure that their interests are represented locally.  The group will strive to provide direct access to funding, programs and support from local organizations, Foundations and associations.  

·       Inclusivity, support, trust

·       Passion, respect and honestly

·       Positive, intentional and explicit community

·       Pluralism, Diversity and individuality

·       Intentional Inclusive Jewish environments

·       Routine Excellence

·       Innovation

·       Collaboration

·       Growth mindset

MWJC Core Values